How it all works

This is how it works using our 4D system "Discovery, Design, Develop and Deliver"


Discovery stage


When you come in to our showroom all your needs will be discussed with our talented sales associates stemming from the color pallets to the wood finish. A follow-up appointment at your home or office will initiate the discovery stage by reviewing, inspecting, discussing your goals, ideas and budget limitations. To allow you time to review plans and design we meet again to discuss all your options and begin paperwork and contract. What sets set us apart from our competitors is that we give you an all-inclusive price for your complete project. Sophisticated Concepts is the general contractor, developer, manufacturer, fabricator, importer, tile store, designer and the list goes on with the products and services we own and provide, making us the #1 home design center in Ventura County.


Design Stage


We at VC Home Improvement Center have mastered this stage, by simply taking the cost discussion out of the equation. You can spend as much time to discuss the most important elements of your project, material and design. This truly becomes the best stage. We are proud to say that we have made this one of the most joyful experiences of the project.


Development Stage


This is where our staff puts all of our discussions, ideas, goals and designs into the development stage. We quickly begin coordinating the logistics of materials ordering, demolition scheduling, and installation agenda.


Deliver stage


The final stage is the most rewarding part of the project. This delivers the final project to you, the client. We do something a little different from the home improvement industry. Before we announce the project is finished, we do a walk through to insure the project is complete to their standards. Once everything is complete, we then reveal the completion of the project and start preparing for the next assignment.