At VC Home Improvement Center, we set out to only supply our clients with a company that offers an unparalleled product line crafted to uncompromising quality standards. Eclipse sinks combines years of experience in the industry and is devoted to advanced manufacturing technologies that result in superior products that exceed certification standards. In the age of internet searching for the cheapest price, we want consumers to understand that just because a product looks like an Eclipse sink or faucet, it is not created to the same standard. Their sinks use inferior materials and lighter weight stainless - their faucets are lined with lead emitting copper, brass, or even plastic.You’ve invested a lot of money in your kitchen countertops, an investment that could be lost should you ever have to replace the inferior quality sink that your counter was cut to fit. You want a sink that will provide years and years of beauty and functionality. You deserve an Eclipse sink or faucet. So, stop by our showroom in Oxnard, CA. and see them on display.